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Water Treatment

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Water Softeners

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Water Services

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Treatment Services

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Our goal is to provide San Antonio and the Texas Hill Country area with innovative solutions to water conditioning and treatment, water quality and well water problems, and water treatment repairs. Our team believes in producing healthy, high-quality, and clean drinking water through innovative equipment and unparalleled customer care.

Our dedication to effective water treatment solutions comes from personal experience with the benefits of using purified, conditioned water. Our family’s quality of living and health has improved since we moved into a house with a good water softener device.

Water Treatment

Hard water can turn into a huge nightmare for any homeowner or business owner. It has high levels of iron and calcium and can cause stains on plumbing systems, which eventually causes clogged pipes. Hard water is harmful to plumbing and appliances.

Dealing with the complications of hard water in your building or need assistance with well-water? No worries, Hill Country Water Softeners has the perfect water treatment for your specific needs. Our services include:

  • Water softener services
  • Well-water treatment
  • Soft water treatment
  • Reverse Osmosis system services
  • Sales
  • Water treatment
  • Salt treatment systems
  • Salt-free water softeners
  • Commercial water softeners
  • Shower head water softeners
  • Hard water treatment
  • And MUCH more

To provide you with customized solutions that cater to your requirements, we work with leading manufacturers of water treatment systems. Furthermore, we carry and service multiple brands. Contact us today for a free water assessment and to see how we can improve your water.

Water Softeners

When it comes to water softeners, we believe that a salt-free water softener is the best choice for all homes in the Texas Hill Country area. Salt-free water softens minerals, such as magnesium and calcium instead of eliminating them. During this process, they change forms, allowing them not to adhere to surfaces.

The water is treated through a process which involves catalytic media called Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC). In the course of the process, the minerals change into hard crystals. This makes the salt-free softener the best choice from a health point perspective. Additionally, the benefits of this softener include:

  • No maintenance necessary
  • Non-electrical
  • Elimination of waste water
  • No chemicals or salt
  • And more

If you are unsure of the best water softener for your premises, contact us today. We provide free water assessments, which includes analysis of your well water. We will suggest you the best solution within your budget and requirements.

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